today I made:

THIS super cute car caddy.
Best part about it?
The price.


1 pair of husbands old jeans
1 scrap piece of fabric
2 out-grown shirts from Son.
old piece of velcro
1 evening of sewing.
= endless quiet play @ church.

on a side note, I keep forgetting to add my other recent home ec projects, so here they are:

{I try to adapt each project into something we actually need or will use, for example, the car caddy was adapted from the supply roll up case lesson}

1. a weighted therapy lap blanket for Son. 
{zippered pencil case/ duvet cover lesson}

first appliqué.

first zipper

super messy weighted insert.

2. First attempt at a quilt.

I let Son pick out the fabric so that he would actually use the blanket.

flannel on each side with an organic cotton/bamboo batting = soooo soft.

I think I am addicted.


today i enjoy:

photoshop illustrating.

today i saw...

random mailbox graffiti 


today's picture...

...of last weeks storms

two tornado warnings in 3 days.

I love a good thunder/non-tornado-producing storm. 


today i play catch up:

time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time.

today i saw:

two flying creatures in a bunch of blah.

today i saw:

autumn's reflection

today i saw...

everything will be alright in the end.
if it's not alright, it is not the end.

today i enjoyed:

my little guy's hand in mine.

today i saw:

a sugar rainbow

today i saw:

totally creep-tastic.

today's thought:

the limit to your abilities is where you place it.
~my fortune cookie

today i saw:

elevator reflections.

today H told me, "Mommy you have blueberries in your eyes."
I laugh.
He, with a very concerned look on his face, continues with,
"how will we get them out?!"


today i saw:



today i saw:



today's tea thought:

the truth.

today i made:

son's halloween shirt

today we "yogo"ed


today I saw:

more signs of fall

today was a scarf kind of day:

hooray for autumn.

today we made:

a spooky house.

today i made:

{freezer paper bleach shirts from THIS tutorial}

i did a test run first using old shirts. 
that was the best idea I ever had.

see. I need I finer misting spray bottle. also once I pulled the paper off, i found I didn't iron it on very well, so the bleach leaked through.

 so much better. I made a halloween shirt too, but I'm going to add more bats. and give them ears so the don't look like flying mustaches. 

finished product:

today i saw:


today i made:

homemade pumpkin puree

step one: cut pumpkin and remove pulp and seeds. 

step two: roast in oven 

step three: scrape 'meat' into blender or food processor and process until nice and smooth.

step four: enjoy in your favorite recipe.

{easy, and somewhat healthy, pumpkin or mint chocolate cookies}

1 box devils food or spice cake mix (gf for us)
15 oz pumpkin puree
1 c mint chips or chocolate chips

bake @ 350
11-15 min


today i saw: